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The GTA Rewards Association is focused on creating a vibrant rewards community in the GTA through locally sponsored events and services.

If you would like to become a sponsor for the GTA Rewards Association, please contact, Domenico D’Alessandro by emailing him at
List of Sponsors
Gallagher McDowall Associates
McDowall Associates is a Canadian consulting firm focused on strategic compensation issues and design with in-depth expertise in executive to broad-based compensation. 

Our roots were established over 20 years ago in Toronto with continued focus on building bench-strength. We have worked with organizations of all sizes and types; ranging from the largest multi-national to public employers to not-for-profit institutions to trade unions. 

Our approach to consulting is to offer flexible, pragmatic solutions to your compensation and talent management needs. We recognize that “one size fits all” solutions are not what our clients are expecting. Each client has their own needs, culture and expectations. We know how to listen so that we can work closely with each client to ensure success and to build long-term relationships. 

We bring the insights and experience you need to create the compensation solutions that are right for your organization including: 

  • Leading strategic expertise and thought leadership; 
  • Technical depth and analytical support to fully test design options; 
  • A proven approach for engaging key stakeholders – including organizational leaders, employees, unions, councils and board members; 
  • Easy-to-use tools that can be tailored to your needs. 
For more information on McDowall Associates and our services please visit our website.
The Talent Company
The principals of The Talent Company partnered to create a results focused Talent model with an alignment to business strategies and associated capabilities to further enable our clients success. We support our clients in building, developing and retaining a highly engaged, high-performing workforce that is focused on achieving their business strategies and goals. We are an organization comprised of leading Human Resources, Talent Management, Recruitment, and Leadership experts with proven track records of client and organizational success. Our collective resources, vast experience and extensive industry knowledge enhance our ability to deliver outstanding value to our clients. Our mission is to enable organizations to achieve superior business results through the successful acquisition, management and elevation of talent. Our 5 Corporate Values * Delivering Results * Partnering For Success * Integrity * Perseverance * Giving Back to Our Community & Networks
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